More than just an office.

At Queens Collective, we want our space to be more than just a place where you come to work. We have a homey kitchen with free tea and coffee, couches, and after-work beers on Fridays. 
This is a place where you'll make new friends, expand your networks, and even potentially find your next co-founder. Alongside this, our events roster is geared towards assisting you with both business, social, and personal growth.

Collaborative Workspaces

Work from our light filled space where you'll feel inspired, invigorated, and determined to make the most of your day.
A passing conversation here could save you months of work, or help catch that next big break!

Breakout Areas

Catch up with fellow QC members in one of our many breakout areas.
Having a stressful day? Take a load off and grab a beer with some new friends.
Never eat lunch alone in your PJs at home again!

Event Space

Meeting Spaces

Our event space is rocking almost every night of the week. We've hosted Justin Kan (Y-Combinator, Twitch), Niel Robertson (Techstars), Laura McKenzie (Scale Investors) & many more.
We're also home to heaps of awesome meetups.

QC has a mix of open and private meeting spaces for members. Whether you're refining your pitch, or wowing a potential investor, we've got the spaces & amenities to help you make an impact. Members can book spaces easily online.