Queens Collective is a startup coworking space based in the heart of Melbourne. It is community of innovators, creators, and passionate individuals.

We're creating an environment which is conducive to work and creativity, where founders can leave the office management to us, and get on with building their business.

Spread over 2 floors in the Melbourne CBD (on Queen Street), we have facilities which rival some fortune 500 companies - allowing our members to punch above their weight when they're starting out.


Who is the team behind QC?

Sean Qian is the founder of Queens Collective. Having set up his first coworking space, Collins Collective in late 2013, Sean applied what he'd learnt into QC - which was designed from the ground up as a coworking space for startups. In his spare time, Sean hits up startup related meetups, builds robots, and is a board member of the Aus VR Assoc. Today QC is run by Sean and a team of awesome community managers.

How can I see the space?

The best way to see the space is to ...drop in and see it! Simply book a time with us on the contact page and we'll tee something up. Oh, and whilst you're here, spend the rest of the day with us. We're on Queen Street (hence the name), in between Flinders Street and Flinders Lane.

is there 24/7 access?

Permanent members & Team room members all receive 24/7 access to QC. Normal office hours for Casual members and drop-ins are 8:30am-5:30pm Mon-Fri. Our events tend to go from about 6pm to 9pm.

what are the membership perks?

Other than working at the coolest space in the city? Of course! There are too many to list, but here are some cool ones - 15% discount off all General Assembly courses, free UBER ride credit, an account manager with PwC for R&D, free legal advice, free cloud hosting, and access to our network of investors & mentors.

What are the tech specs?

100/100Mbps Symmetrical fibre internet. 1:1 contention ratio, 99.99% uptime. Delivered via Cisco Meraki APs. Team rooms have built in ethernet ports. Wireless printing on each floor. Whiteboards & projectors always within reach. We also have a hammock ...which is uhh, very techy too.

how is qc different from other spaces?

Our space, community, and culture. We only accept awesome people who are working on awesome things. Our members are driven, collaborative, seek business (and personal) growth, and are always learning. We're also the only coworking space in Australia with built-in, dedicated classrooms - used by our kick-ass education partners, General Assembly.